Armin faced forward again, and wrote a few notes down. 99% Upvoted. Connie Springer Jean Kirstein Sasha Blouse Shingeki No Kyojin. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. They start off with Connie and Sasha but in the 3rd chapter Jean comes in so yeah, hope ya enjoy! Anmelden. Pixiv Id 50407, Attack on Titan, Hannah Diamant, Eren Jaeger, Reiner Braun, Christa Renz, Conny Springer, Jean Kirschstein, Franz (Shingeki no Kyojin), Mikasa Ackerman, Ymir (Shingeki no Kyojin), Sasha Braus. Connie is very loosely involved in the plot due to the Beast Titan turning his village into Titans so he can test humanity's strength. She was part of the 104th Trainees Squad, and serves as a comic relief to the otherwise gloomy, despairing setting of the series. Eren & Jean: Annie & Mikasa: Connie Sasha: Armin & Marco: Berthold & Reiner Historia & Ymir Levi: Erwin Hanji : Pixis & Garnison Millitary Police: Scouting Legion: 2258 notes / 6 years 4 months ago Snk Characters & cars I personally like all of those ships. Connie Springer. save. Read More There you meet Jean, Christa, Ymir, Sasha, Connie, Marco, Reiner, Bertolt and Annie. runrunruno. Abilities: Although he did manage to graduate in rank 8 of the 104th trainee squad, Connie hasn’t shown any abilities that suggests he is exceptional to any other soldiers. Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) is an ongoing manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Sasha, Connie, Annie, Hanji, Levi, Attack on titan, AOT, SNK. H E A D C A N O N S. 104th Cadets. 2000x1467 Anime Attack On Titan TheVertex. ~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~ Sasha Blouse (サシャ・ブラウス, Sasha Burausu, alt. They would make a great couple. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. She stole Connie and Jean's kills during training exercises, faked a stomachache to avoid having to go back out into battle, and almost passed out after hearing the mortality rate average of the Scouts. Buy 'Mikasa & Eren & Armin & Jean & Sasha & Connie & Krista. But yeah, Jean and Sasha are just those two who hang around and have their own segregated take on things. Then Sasha's. Eren & Jean: Annie & Mikasa: Connie Sasha: Armin & Marco: Berthold & Reiner Historia & Ymir Levi: Erwin Hanji : Pixis & Garnison Millitary Police: Scouting Legion: 2258 notes / 6 years 5 months ago *Points to every attack on titan character* #snk spoilers #snk 123 #conny springer #sasha … In the Funimation dub, his name is spelled Conny Springer and he is voiced by Clifford Chapin. 1 comment. Bilder Armin Mikasa Levi Ackerman Manga Character Dunkle Zeichnungen Zeichnungen Von Mädchen Attack On Titan. Behind them was Sasha, Connie, and Krista, with Jean at the rear of the group. He knows her better than anyone. These are just a few random ships that Connie, Sasha and Jean will be reacting to. share. BONUS from the anime: Another possibility is that they don't like one or both of the characters involved in the ship. Dual Wielding: It's right there on their crest even. Attack On Titan: Junior High. Mehr dazu... More ideas for you “” Pinterest. hide. Sasha Blouse. Jean, Sasha, and Connie Possible Death Chapter 76. "Sasha Braus") Sasha is a hunter from the mountainous Dauper District. Registrieren. Mikasa Ackerman. Then Connie's. Their chemistry matches already. Animaru mascot costume acrylic keyholders (9 types featuring Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Sasha, Connie, Levi, Hanji, or Erwin; 800 yen each) Animaru mascot costume mugs (2 types; 1,300 yen each) Animaru Koneigurumi Erwin mascot keychain (1,500 yen each) Connie promptly forgets about the study session, but Armin manages to help Sasha with math by using food metaphors. your own Pins on Pinterest Connie, Sasha and Jean react to ships Random. 5 Should Not: Waltz Create and share your own GIFs, amazing moments and funny reactions with Gfycat Discover (and save!) Hange then arrives and tries to extort money out of them for lunch. Sasha and Connie both fail their tests and ask Armin for help. Gemerkt von: Karemaquera. Jean Kirstein. Escuadrón 104. And after the Time Skip, Reiner's, Annie's, and presumably Bertold's and Ymir's. Jean clutching on to Eren’s Titan hair for dear life; Mikasa and Sasha probably comfy on Eren’s chin; Armin so tiny in Eren’s palm (look at his little hands on Eren’s thumb!) So I think its quite possible that one of the three (My bet is Connie) died when they attacked the Armored Titan. 3 Like Favorite Add An Author Tags: Armin Arlert. Jan 10, 2020 - Explore TÄQĮ's board "Sasha to connie", followed by 655 people on Pinterest. Eren Yeager; Mikasa Ackerman; Armin Arlert; Jean Kirstein; Marco Bott; Sasha Braus; Connie Springer; Christa Lenz/Historia Reiss Gabi is soon subdued and arrested while Connie and Jean comfort the dying Sasha; fittingly enough, her final word is "meat." honestly seeing sasha and connie get triggered by a car is the cutest thing i ever seen. Sasha during her training days was unconventional, selfish, bad with teamwork, and cowardly. Today. Eren Yeager. They start off with Connie and Sasha but in the 3rd chapter Jean comes in so yeah, hope ya enjoy! Marco and Eren seemed to be the only ones who were staying focused, while the others were showing various signs of fatigue and boredom. Merry Christmas from Sasha, Jean & Connie! Sort by. Then Jean's. 57. Tags~ trousers boots leather brown black white grey gray snk shingeki no kyojin aot military survey corps scouting legion garrison police shoes belt straps eren jaeger mikasa ackerman armin arlert levi hanji zoe marco boldt jean sasha connie annie bertl reiner. Although Sasha is most definitely his closest friend, he’s been shown to be close to other fellow soldiers like Reiner and Jean. As it turns out, Sasha Blouse is the latest member of the Survey Corps to be killed off. Sasha has the same slapstick humor as Jean and they both have been together since day 1. Explore. High quality Jean Kirstein gifts and merchandise. Sasha Braus was a major supporting character in the anime/manga series Attack on Titan. Jean may get outshined by others but he still gives his best in every situation. See more sasha braus GIFs! Connie hiding behind Eren’s shoulder like a bean; Now I’m fucking sad. Sasha, Connie, Eren, Jean, Mikasa, Christa, Ymir y Armin. Historia Reiss. So if you're keeping track, of the Top 10 cadets, Ymir, and Marco, only Marco's home wasn't fated to be doomed one way or another. But at the same time I understand some people can only ship a character with one other character. Armin Levi X Eren Mikasa Levi Ackerman Attack On Titan Funny Attack On Titan Anime Anime Ai Anime Meme Connie Springer. Follow. Saved by Armin Kirkland 919.

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