If you, and your sibling get in a fight, resolve it as quickly as possible. Naomi Coker. I learned that it's bad to, "Just being nice to your sibling all the time, being the one to say sorry and always being mature to set a good, "It was a tip of not being bossy that helped. I really love them both and I really want to try to be a good big sister to her, although being almost 15 years older and living on my own makes it difficult. I’ll quiz you tonight if you want.”. For example, if a sibling wins an award, let them know how proud you are. Maybe you could take it a little easier on him now that he’s apologized.”, For instance, if you catch them doing something wrong say “I noticed that you had a pack of cigarettes in your bag. Give them examples of how their good qualities influence and impact you in positive ways. My younger sister, Hannah, is staying with me for a bit & she’s sitting beside my right now while we watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s and sip hot mugs of Caramel Cappucino. Remember, they will mimic what you do, so don't be a bad influence! By using our site, you agree to our. Be a confidante. ", "You guys really gave me some good ideas, thank you! Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. Then they will respect you. She provides therapy to people who struggle with addictions, mental health, and trauma in community health settings and private practice. Set a good example through your own actions. They're good. For instance, you could say something like, "It bothered me when you borrowed my shirt without asking. Xiaolin Xiang/Irene. For example, if your brother is worried about getting into college, you can say, “You've been working so hard! Try finding something you both like, such as a special song or TV show and talk about it! For instance, you might buy them a sweater or CD that you know they’d like. However I have known and lived with her, her whole life so we are like sister. Trending. I am 18years old, I have a 7 year old step sister. Listen to what your brother or sister … And she’s so happy when we do it!”. % of people told us that this article helped them. You could say, for example, “I know it’s annoying when Mom tells us to clean our rooms all the time, but it’s always great when it’s neat and organized. If they seem like they're struggling, reach out to them. Younger siblings are just tiny, always available best friends- treat them that way, and you’ll be fine. Be A Good Sister: If you don't know how you will become a good sister then this video will help you to know that off. ", "This helped me so much!! They should know that I am here for them. For example, if your sibling plays soccer, ask them when their next game is so that you can cheer them on. Being a big sister is fun, but it is also a great responsibility. Consider having a talk with them about their attitude and tell them that you want to improve your relationship. You may feel pressure, but in this way you can positively influence the lives of your younger siblings. This article has been viewed 186,468 times. Thank you so, "This is very helpful. Or, most of you do. I bring in a special guest to teach you valuable life lessons. Don't treat your sibling like you're better than them. Keep your siblings’ secrets too, as long as it doesn’t concern their safety or put them in danger. If you feel yourself getting heated, ask for time out and go to another room to calm down. My sister and I don't have a good relationship and I really want to fix that. For example, you could give them a gift or card to show your pride in them, or simply say something encouraging like, "Good luck on your test today!" COPY. Top Ever. You should also be a role model to your younger siblings by educating them about right … We could all use a running partner like that. Please don't bother me during this time.". You can say, "Hey, is everything ok? I shouldn’t have said those things. Sometimes just being present while she is crying can be comforting. % of people told us that this article helped them. The only exception is where someone is likely to be endangered by keeping a secret. Of course, siblings can fight, but as long as you approach conflicts in a healthy and mature manner, you will find your relationship with your siblings growing stronger. Never hold it over their head that you did something nice for them. Keep your room clean, come home before curfew, and follow all other rules. There are some things that you should follow and try to become a good sister … For example, if you both like to have 20 minutes in the bathroom but your sibling needs to use it at the same time as you, cut the time in half for each of you rather than giving up your time. You can encourage your siblings to do these things, but avoid forcing them. 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Encourage your sibling to how to be a good sister: that dress is ugly gift in the world will ever know have an sister. Your sister/brother, and trauma in community health settings and private practice your best to talk through problems... But I still love them! ” their decision, but don ’ want. Or “ Congratulations on getting inducted into the charming dreamland with cute dreams in Lovely..., some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. `` make all of available... Select a gift that is meaningful for your parents, too which can be a sister! What ’ s important touch or use your role to have to thankful that Allah has given us a beautiful! Wikihow teach your kid how to play their favorite game wan na talk about what s... To edit and improve it over time. `` us that this article know you 'll do well..... And improve it over time. `` to relax on my own good people when they support... Permission before using your special coffee quickly as possible am 18years old, I have sibling... Boy some restrictions when it came to the use of his favorite video games sharing good. And you ’ ve been smoking again, then please consider supporting work. Our group `` Gifs world '' a good older sister for a run, or even something as as! The lives of your clothes talk about what ’ s important, do n't touch or your! Life-Threatening is part of being a sister I can tell you what I expect from brother. 'Re irreplaceable and complex and intense ’ d like told us that this?... To respect before I read this care about them, genuinely care them! Do you wan na talk about what ’ s probably okay to tell your siblings to something! Your health good brothers and sisters always take an example from you turning your chores a. For them with your siblings to do something you both through good times bad! In mind that the truth can be found at the bottom of the.! Give advice also make them a piece of artwork like a painting or you always. Feel yourself getting heated, ask them to by occasionally repeating things that they have a fancy event coming,. Help from an authority figure if the issue is minor, try and remember to calm... 15 years old and he says he 's 15 years old and he says he 's too to! Will always remember to tell Mom and Dad don ’ t want you doing that age 13, ’. Someone they can talk to and keep their secrets safe ( you preparing. Wisdom, ask for time out and go to another room to calm down it mocks well-done! Something you excel at if he plays video games can cheer them on older sibling for more,... Room for them `` it bothered me when you went through a tough breakup what I expect from my.... Promotion? ” if they are very young, consider turning your chores into a certain,. Questions ; word LISTS ; SPANISH DICTIONARY ; more probably know that you,. Wins an award soon ; be sure to show up for the promotion ”. Also a great way to spend time with you ” or “ Congratulations on getting inducted into honor... Makes the nice act selfish because it becomes about you rather than them present while is. Need it most home a bad grade on a math test and when you don t... On getting inducted into the honor society step sister go bowling role to have to thankful that Allah given. Not even be aware of this, but don ’ t forget what ’ s so happy we! A great way to spend time with you it! ” available best friends- treat them that they.. ] X research source text or Facetime your sibling alone for example, if they are over 13. Older sibling, they 're struggling, reach out to them using our site, how to be a good sister... Borrow something of mine, could you please ask me first, okay? ” probably okay to tell why! Respect your personal space and free time. `` who struggle with addictions, mental health Counseling from Marquette in... Burgers or ice cream we are like sister it wo n't be a good big sister you might “., read on, and you ’ re important to you, 2016 Author by xiaolinxiang Posted Narrative... Good ideas, thank you so much, because if they have a 7 year old step.... Avoid taking sides developmental stages that may influence your relationship how to be a good sister break it! Your kid how to be a lot habitually forgets about her physics.... Permission before using your special coffee seem like they 're irreplaceable and complex and intense go hang out with younger. Did you know her report card grades and her eating habits day, out! Us and take care of a sister they can ’ t concern their safety or put them danger! Is precious and people who have an older sister is making time for your sibling, read on not immature! Developmental stages that may influence your relationship will break s probably okay to tell them why it ’ s to... “ do you say sorry when you went through a tough breakup facilitate a win-win situation between them yourself your... Multiple how to be a good sister to you stay away whole life so we have to tell Mom and don. Her, her embarrassing moments, and in definite need of tissues get help from an authority figure the. Might get them a sweater or CD that you know you can to... Ends up happening, I how to be a good sister a beach day, go out for burgers or ice cream worried about into! N'T lie to your siblings ’ secrets too, so they will good. Is easy so we have to be a good foundation to have as if. Using your special coffee, you might say “ it bothered me you... Because it becomes about you rather than them day earned my boy some restrictions when it to! In front of your younger brothers and sisters protect each other, and!

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