Not very safe. The wrench is a MIL Lamp--- a Malfunction Indicator Lamp It tells you that something like a sensor or other issues,is out of range,as far as the PCM (Computer) sees it. The following are warning lights and indicators found in vehicles built by Ford. I have a 2008 Ford Edge SEL with 107k miles. There is a Ford technical service bulletin (#252290) which addresses this topic exclusively. Mar 16, 2010 | 2008 Ford Focus Not sure of the 2008 but Ford sent out a recall to update the PCM on the 2010 so it … ford escape 2011 check engine light came on 4,800 miles 3 Answers. Click a link to learn more about each one. the light illuminates when a powertrain fault has been detected. The wrench light is not a check engine light that throws codes. I replaced it and the light hasn't came back. for more information contact an authorized dealer as soon as possible. The wrench symbol is an indicator that the vehicle needs service. Hi there - the "wrench light, which allegedly indicates a variety of problems with the drivetrain, is a huge source of frustration on the part of Ford owners such as yourself.It is not well understood, or trained for, by many Ford techs themselves. I have had this come on in my 2008 FEH and it required a new sensor and throttle blend door for the throttle body. The wrench is one of many diagnostic codes - your car needs a code reader to help determine the cause, and how to reset/resolve it. The 2008 ford escape wrench light means there is an issue with the throttle control/powertrain. Different automakers use variations of this light, such as a car with a wrench in the middle, but a wrench is always incorporated in some way. SOURCE: the wrench light is on on my 2008 ford focus what I assume you have no owners manual or never read it. They are roughly ordered by importance, which tends to be by color (red, amber, yellow, orange, green, blue, gray). RPMs higher than normal at idle in a modern vehicle usually means the engine computer is trying to get around a problem it has detected so the vehicle will continue to operate. When the light comes on it can go into limp mode and you lose power. Light comes on then goes off -wrench light on 2009 focus This menas you have the beginning signs of a failing electronic throttle body. got gas a day or so ago. check engine light came on 4,800 miles tried unsuccessfully to install garage door opener yesterday. what do you think is problem, is there a reset need to be done for this if so what to do I had the wrench light on and it was the throttlebody. Modern cars have over a dozen warning lights placed in the dashboards, such as lights for oil pressure, coolant temperature, battery, park assist, and the check engine light. the tire symbol went away but the wrench light stayed. It has gone into a Limp Mode with a wrench light on the dash. Any modern mechanic who works on Ford products will have a reader to let you know what codes and what they likely mean. Purchased a week ago - used with 4,500 miles on it. The repair cost about $200. The wrench light is indicated in the owners manual as a throttle position problem. I have a orange wrench lite 2008 ford escape since i installed winter tires but replaced the tires with summer which had capers sensors. 2008 Ford Edge Limp Mode & Wrench light 2 Answers. What are the possibilities this could be?

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