Contact your Sales Engineer. This one has seen a fair few nights on the road, as can be seen by the play wear. Served with love! Sting greift auf manchmal zu einem Fender Jazz Bass – wenn auch eher selten… (Bild: Archiv, BobHhewitt, Guido Karp, Lj Eifel) Ex-Polizist Sting, der anfangs Fender-Precision- und Jazz-Bässe spielte, outete sich in einem Interview in den 90ern als Vintage-Freak: „Ich habe vor kurzem einen der ersten Fender-Precision-Bässe gefunden, aus den ersten Tagen, Anfang der 50er. 05.11.2020. Ed Friedland, The Bass Whisperer demonstrates the brand new Fender Am. Enter my newest acquisition: The 5 string Fender Precision Pro is a totally passive, single pickup, US made 5 string. Supplement your 5-string sound with the rich midrange of a Precision Bass. Call Text Email Support Toll-free: (800) 222-4700 Español: (800) 222-4701 Local: (260) 432-8176 Fax: (260) 432-1758 View our hours Music Store Account. If you like the telecaster-inspired style and history-making sound of the Precision Bass, one of the first instruments you should consider is the American Standard P-Bass V. Carrying on the legacy of Fender's first and most famous bass, … Remember, basses are tempered instruments! Highams Large Faux Mohair Throw Over Blanket Bed Luxury Bedspread Blush Grey NEW. A good rule of thumb is that the distance should be greatest at the fourth-string neck pickup position and closest at the first-string bridge pickup position. 11 screws, split pu, 4 knobs, mini toggle & jack, notch for. The 5 string bass is a fascinating offshoot of the electric bass guitar. Product page Fender Only 5-String P-Basses of Fender . Fast & Free shipping on many items! Dezember 2010. Fender American Elite Precision Bass Olympic White 2016. Re-tune and repeat several times. For strings to stay in tune, they should be changed regularly. Famed Fender custom shop builder Jay Black was part writer for this book. Verkaufe hier den Torso, also Body und Hals (eingeleimt) eines handgebauten, bundlosen long scale... VB 31683 Obernkirchen. Farbe: Silber. Ein Jazz Bass auf dem Hause Fender zählt wohl zu den klassischen Bässen überhaupt. These basses are in stock, please click on images for more information; Secondhand Fender bass guitars for sale at Bass Direct; Jazz Basses. EUR 20,00 . Contact your Sales Engineer. How does that translate to the 5-string model? Time: ending soonest; Time: newly listed; Price + Shipping: lowest first; Price + Shipping: highest first; Distance: nearest first; View: Gallery View. If the neck is too concave (action too high), turn the truss rod nut clockwise to remove excess relief. How you wind the strings onto the pegs is very important. Adjustment at neck joint (phillips screwdriver): Sight down the edge of the fingerboard from behind the body, looking up toward the headstock of the instrument. Elle est depuis toujours restée une référence dans le monde de la musique amplifiée. $695.08 $ 695. Set of automotive feeler gauges (.002-.025) (0.05–1 mm), 6" (150 mm) ruler (with 1/32" and 1/64" increments) (0.5 mm increments), Light machine oil (3-in-1, toy locomotive or gun oil). FREE Shipping and FREE Tech Support for Fender 5-string Bass Guitars! The Fender American Pro Precision Bass V combines the extended tonal range of a five-string model with a full armada of electronic upgrades for a formidable low-end weapon. For example, if the second string is .060" (1.5 mm), you would move the second-string saddle back .060" (1.5 mm) from the first saddle. Remember—with most tuning keys, it's preferable to tune up to pitch. FREE Shipping and FREE Tech Support for Fender 5-string Bass Guitars! Without the Fender Precision Bass, the original electric bass, dance floors everywhere would be empty. Road Show; Meet the Builders ; Galleries; Custom Care; Electric Guitars; Series; Featured; LOADING GUITARS. Fender American Pro Precision V Electric Bass, 5-String (Maple Fingerboard, with Case) Supplement your 5-string sound with the rich midrange of a Precision Bass. 60 verkauft. If the neck is too convex (strings too close to the fingerboard), turn the truss rod nut counter-clockwise to allow the string tension to pull more relief into the neck. Metal expands when warm and contracts when cool. La Precision et ses dérivés produits par d'autres marques, s'en inspirant plus ou moins directement, sont un type de configuration (voir ci-dessous) très courant chez les bassistes. Fender Precision Bass 5 String Guitars. In New York in 1976, bassist Douglas Colvin set the tone for much punk bass playing with a visceral, no-frills machine-gun style driven home using an impossibly low-slung Precision Bass. 5-String Electric Bass. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at OEM Material: color 43. mint green 3 ply: $44.00 . Fender Artist Duff McKagan Deluxe Precision Bass Black 2019. Không có Fender Precision Bass, bass electric nguyên bản, sàn nhảy khắp mọi nơi đều vắng bóng. Repeat this process on the low E string (for both guitars and bass guitars). Dieser Artikel trifft bald bei uns ein und kann anschließend sofort verschickt werden. 12. 4 string | > 5 string | 6 string | Fretless | Used/Ex demo. Other options New from $694.72. 7 results for fender precision bass 5 string. You can preset the basic intonation of your bass by taking a tape measure and measuring from the inside of the nut to the center of the 12th fret (the fret wire itself; not the fingerboard). *I have since sold this bass, but I'm gonna keep the video up* This is a demo/review/tour of my Fender American Deluxe 5 String bass. Note: These are minimum specifications that are meant as a guide; they should not be construed as hard and fast rules, as we realize that every player's subjective requirements often differ. Pull the third string 4 1/2" (114 mm) past its tuning post, cut it, and repeat the winding procedure. The tone is rich and warm with abundant harmonics, while still... View full product details . Based on Fender Precision 5 Strings. Follow the measurement guidelines from the chart below as starting points. 1974 Fender Precison Bass ex SB natural refin PRO 2860 € 1974 Fender Precison Bass player ex sunburst en dépôt-vente Elle a un sacrée mojo cette Precision Bass … pour un fender original US … Pour le look parce-que c’est vachement beau, avons posé les pickup cover et bridges cover qui sont des genuine Fender relic … Adjustment at headstock (allen wrench): Sight down the edge of the fingerboard from behind the headstock, looking toward the body of the instrument. Check your tuning, then re-check the gap with the feeler gauge and re-adjust as needed. Alder body. In 2-3 Wochen lieferbar. $3,300.00. Finally, wipe the strings, neck and bridge with a lint-free cloth after playing. Sale Fender 7250 Nickel-Plated Bass 4 string. If you plan to change string gauges, you may need to adjust the specs somewhat to compensate for the changes in string sizes. From Japan. The Fender Precision Bass was the first mass produced and widely adopted electric bass guitar. 4.6 out of 5 stars 234. Find great deals on eBay for fender 5 string precision bass and fender jazz bass 5 string. Guitars for CNC - Tutorials - CNC Guitar Projects. All Squier by Fender Precision Bass Classic Vibe 70s. Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass V 5-String 2005 w/OHSC . The 4-string model follows the neck profile of the American Vintage ’63 Precision, which was meticulously recreated from an actual vintage neck. After the adjustment is made, re-tune the strings and re-check the gap with the feeler gauge. Where can I take my instrument and/or amplifier to be repaired? Dec 29, 2011. Fender, Precision, Jazz, Jaguar, 4, 5, 6 string fretted, fretless- UK Basses specialist Bass Direct - UK, , USA, London, Manchester, Birmingham For sale, on offer > STOCK | SOLD. FEATURED; Mod Shop - Design Your Own Bass; New! Discover prices you can’t resist. Fender Precision Bass 5 String Guitars. Check tuning. $44.99 $50.00. Fender Jazz Electric 5 String Bass Guitar Triburst Mexico.

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