This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. Arkup's incredible floating home is finally complete... and it'll cost you $5.5 million The Arkup No.1 or officially “Arkup #1” is a 75 ft (22.9m) long two-story luxury houseboat with 4,350 sq ft of space; the first edition floating home was furnished by Brazil’s Artefacto. ... designer Michael Weekes has created a geodesic version that costs … Home; ARKUP #1 Sales; ARKUP Virtual Tour; ARKUP Video Walkthrough; Meet The Team; Get in Touch; Own ARKUP #1 the next generation floating house. You could be forgiven for thinking that Arkup's ambitious concept for a floating home would never be realized, but it has indeed been built and is now for sale for a cool US$5.5 million. Upon request the Floating Villa can be moved to another location, even in the middle of Biscayne Bay for the cost of $10,000 a day. Plus it’s got panoramic views of the downtown skyline and dolphins swimming by the side deck. Flexible calendar with 12 weeks allocated for maintenance and service. It is seventy-five feet in length, contains 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, and an open kitchen and large living area in 4,350 square feet. Marine scientists in Florida hire engineers Nicolas Derouin and Arnaud Luguet to create a first-of-its-kind floating home; they have nine months to complete it, but unpredictable weather and building hiccups may sink this project before it can swim. Further, you may find it difficult to find dock space if you’re planning on just buying a floating home that is not mobile. According to the Miami Herald, the model comes with a $5.5 million price tag, and currently has one buyer and a … Arkup’s steel hull and superstructure is built to withstand Category 4 hurricane winds (up to 156 mph). An early check-in or late check-out time may be available at additional cost, please inquire at the time of booking. There are three bedrooms upstairs with three full and roomy bathrooms — no cramped and tilting heads on this boat — and two balconies. Through the fractional ownership, you own your floating villa ¼ of the time, for ¼ of the cost.With Arkup’s management services, fractional owners are free to enjoy themselves without responsibilities. This floating house with a luxury interior, design and furnishing by Artefacto can be yours for $5.5 million Arkup is a livable floating yacht home that costs 5.5 million dollars - Yahoo TV Home Limited to a maximum of 4 … The floating villa can be sold upon approval of the fractional owners’ majority. Star Newspapers Limited and/or its licensors. You can generate additional income by chartering the floating villa when you don’t use it. Check out the view you could have from your downstairs window! In this brave new waterworld, Arkup wants to keep you high and dry on your floating home. Instead of fighting the water, live on it.”. Limited to a maximum of 4 fractional owners. In San Francisco, where Sausalito has a houseboat community, the Danish firm BIG has proposed building an archipelago of floating villages connected by ferries on the bay. ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW Noah, who constructed his ark to withstand 40 days and 40 nights of apocalyptic rain and Biblical flooding, would approve. These UFO look-alike houses cost less than the average houseboat, with a sticker price of $200,000. South Florida sea levels are projected to rise six to 12 inches by 2030, 14 inches to nearly three feet by 2060, and 31 inches to nearly seven feet by 2100, according to the Southeast Florida Climate Change Regional Compact Sea Level Rise Work Group. “We want to create housing solutions for a broader audience. “You couldn’t cruise around the world, but you could use Arkup in the Bahamas or British Virgin Islands, for example. A limited number of fractional owners for the respect of your property, calendar, and privacy. Discover all the options available to design your floating house according to your budget. “In the Netherlands, one-third of the country is below sea level,” Derouin said. “It’s more like a house than a boat but you never lose the unmistakable feeling that you’re on the water,” said Nicolas Derouin, managing director of Arkup. These solar-powered, zero-emission livable yachts are packed with green goodness. In February, Arkup unveiled its first floating residence at a yacht show in Miami. Derouin and Luguet collaborated with Dutch firm Waterstudio and pioneering aqua-tect Koen Olthuis, who has designed a floating mosque, floating prison, floating spa and floating resort and helped conceptualize a proposed development of 29 private islands with lavish sustainable homes —a villa flotilla —on Maule Lake in North Miami Beach. It’s got a 4,000-gallon freshwater tank and an equal-sized tank for waste water. So far, the partners have one buyer and a waiting list of potential buyers who want to take the boat for a test drive. “We need more entrepreneurs and scientists developing innovative ideas because climate change is not slowing down,” Derouin said. No rocking, for one thing. Nestled within the peaceful Biscayne Bay Marine Preserve, Vice City Marina is located in the heart of Downtown Miami, just two blocks from Brickell City Center and steps from Miami’s 5-star dining & nightlife.Docked in the front row of this charming marina, the floating villa faces the bay and offers exclusive privacy and breathtaking water views.Arkup is the one and only luxury house on the water in Brickell, centrally located within a 15-minute drive from the Miami International Airport and conveniently connected to Wynwood, the Design District, and South Beach. 1/13 ARKUP floating home. Just outside your floating home, you will have the opportunity to take over the adventurous lifestyle you long for. On Arkup you can live completely off the grid with no bills for energy or water. Arkup is the one and only luxury house on the water in Brickell, centrally located within a 15-minute drive from the Miami International Airport and conveniently connected to Wynwood, the Design District, and South Beach. ... Florida's most famous "floating home" owner is Fane Lozman, ... and are expected to cost $2M to $3M. We reserve the right to change our product's prices at any time without further notice. Interior design is by Brazilian company Artefacto. “Coastal areas are the most desirable but also the most at risk. rights reserved. We accompany you all along the process of purchase, 2 years on power, jack-up and propulsion systems, 1 year on all items manufactured by Arkup, Accessories and components are covered by suppliers' direct warranties, ONE YEAR FREE SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE SERVICES INCLUDED*, $100K to secure production slot before contract signature, 20% on installation of power and propulsion systems, 20% 10 working days prior to dispatch of vessel, Delivery time from order confirmation: 18 months, Delivery location: Miami, FL (shipment price TBD), 2 years on power system, jackup system, propulsion system, Other items (not manufactured by Arkup): supplier warranty applies.

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