This would cook the battery and cause acid boiling out the top and could cause lower idle. Flicker is caused by a loose connection which can be at any device on the circuit including receptacles, switches, lights, the bus bar or breaker. Also the idle RPM moves from 1100 to as low as 300. I have some up stairs lights that are flickering, and going dim then brighter. A battery low on juice may cause flickering lights. 12 volts connected with reverse polarity will only cause the motor to run backward on dc current. The problem can reside anywhere along the circuit path but is most common inside a wall receptacle box. This can cause the lights to flicker because the current that is supposed to be feeding homes will be creating giant blue arcs. Check to make sure the breaker fits tightly in the panel and there is no pitting or corrosion on the bus bar. The problem may be systemic or found in only one location, but is always dangerous. If it lights up, then the alternator is failing. You said the alternator was replaced about a year ago but if it was a cheap rebuilt alternator then it is likely that the rebuilder did not replace the diode pack when the alternator was rebuilt unless one of the diodes tested bad and so there is a good chance that a diode has now failed. Flickering Lights & Intermittent Electrical Power Loss Diagnose & fix flickering or dimming lights or lost electricity. Report it for repair. Start at the battery and follow the positive wiring leading to the flickering lights until you find out where it starts. Faulty splices or wire terminations are the typical cause. 2. This does not happen all the time but quite often. House lights that flickers on and off, especially one that does so at a rapid pace, can be quite annoying. Check Car Battery. You can often diagnose the cause of flickering lights by observing the flickering pattern���when does it happen, for how long, how frequently, and so on. I am unsure if there is a ground fault that caused the light to act that way, or if it is Battery dies. How to diagnose the causes of flickering or dimming lights at or in buildings. 6. I went to my breaker box and flicked one of the breakers and they all went off, but the wire that goes upstairs is connected to a couple of breakers. Now the headlights flicker dimmer and brighter at night and the interior lights flicker in the day. 2) Dimming of lights is caused by a loose neutral wire connection. Loose Wiring Connections. I just replaced the alternator in my car, the battery light used to come on all the time and the car would just die instead of idleing. A ripple voltage pattern would point to a bad diode and will cause the lights to flicker. If this is happening, generally there will be several customers complaining that their lights are flickering or they have dimming lights. The more common problems could be related to the headlight bulbs themselves, a weak battery, or even the alternator starting to fail. If you have a 12v spotlight you can use that to trace wiring to see where the flickering starts. The battery is not relevant with an operational converter because it can easily carry the lighting load. This is definitely a ��� If lights are flickering at your neighbors��� houses, too, there might be a problem with the electric utility service itself. While it could mean that your light bulb simply needs to be replaced, it could also mean that there is a poor connection within your home���s electrical wiring that needs to be inspected by a professional electrician. The interior lights and headlights are flickering, and the battery is draining over the course of about a week (of light driving). 1) Flickering of lights is caused by a loose hot wire connection. I'm working on a 1998 Ford Taurus SE with a Duratec 3.0L V6. You could have a completely dead battery and still have good lights. Flickering Light Problem Electrical Question: What would cause lights to flicker and go dim then brighter? If your battery goes dead, have the alternator checked when replacing the battery so it doesn't happen again. Short of a loose wire or too small gauge wire between 12 volt source and the motors is only cause that would commonly cause the lights to flicker. Therefore, check the car battery health. There are several factors that can cause headlights to flicker while driving. Take note of when your home lights flicker. Something is causing a ���parasitic draw.��� Even while your car is off, your Loose battery connections can cause an electrical system to ���shut down��� and then start working again, as can bad fusible links, so the connections between the battery and the rest of the electric system should be checked out thoroughly before anything else. It���s also something that you won���t want to ignore. Everything joins at the battery and ground so you can work forward from there. If voltage monitor circuit is bad, bad ground somewhere, bad diodes in alternator, list goes on as to what might cause over charging but that is where I would tell them to check next. Also what type lights is your coach using, florescent, led, halogen, or incandescent/resistive wire. Then trace the negative path if you have too. I have recently replaced the battery, and I have recharged and load tested the battery several times. If those items are fine, however, then I would have to dig a little deeper and inspect the wiring, relays, switches, and the light sockets. I have tested the alternator several times (both on and off the car) and it is fine. Loose wiring can not only cause flickering lights, but is a leading cause of house fires. Here are some of the most common causes of flickering lights in a house and how to identify them. You can temporarily work around this by putting a regular battery charger on your batteries, but you need a new power converter. Get the alternator replaced or fixed at a mechanic to fix the flickering lights issue. Too many outlets/lights on a circuit. When you start the engine, check the battery light. Lights in a home can flicker when the voltage received at the light is not staying stable. When a large appliance like an air conditioner, heat pump, washer or dryer turns on, it pulls a lot of electricity, which can temporarily take some of the electric current away from the rest of your home and cause your lights to flicker. Obviously, batteries sometimes fail on their own--but a bad alternator can actually cause the battery to drain because it's failing to recharge it.

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