LANtaBus Senior Citizen ID Card – for people 65+ to ride regular buses for free: English Application | Aplicación… (ADA) Paratransit Service is a specialized priority transportation service for persons who are unable to independently use fixed-route bus service due to a disability or health-related condition some or all of the time. State of CT-issued Reduced Fare ID or Medicare card must be shown with use of Senior/Disabled pass or ticket. The Department of Transportation estimates that the program will provide 127,000 rides in the region in FY 2003-04, with a ride defined as a one-way trip. !! This specialized priority paratransit service is provided by the Town of Truckee If you would like to participate in this project, please complete this form and send it with a copy of one of the documents listed in Part 2 below to: Community Transit of Delaware County, Inc. 206 Eddystone Avenue Eddystone, PA 19022-1514 Here are some answers to a few frequently asked questions to help you understand what to expect with the eligibility process. With just a tap, the Go CT Card uses a system called Fare Capping to calculate your fare and apply any discounts you’re eligible to receive. Reduced Fare Photo ID Card Application. To reserve, cancel, confirm or change a ride, please call 203-288-6643. Submit your application to your physician, or other professional, to complete the professional verification section. Hamden, CT 06514 Fax: 203-891-6057. There is no complementary paratransit requirement for demand-response systems serving the general public, such as dial-a-ride or route-deviation[1] modes. All of our satellite offices receive a full menu of support services from our Corporate staff in Bremerton, Washington. Paratransit services provide access to life-sustaining services, such as doctor’s offices, dialysis centers, senior … Partially completed applications will not be accepted. GNHTD wants to hear about your experiences and welcomes your feedback. Connecticut Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Paratransit Application Form!!!! 62 Federal Road, Danbury CT 06810 My Ride is a paratransit program for elderly (age 70 and older) and disabled people in greater New Haven who are unable to use scheduled bus service. DART Transit. State of CT-issued Reduced Fare ID or Medicare card must be shown with use of Senior/Disabled pass or ticket. North East Transportation Co., Inc. 761 Frost Bridge Rd P.O. ADA Paratransit for Persons with a Disability Application > En español > Em português > Applications may be faxed, mailed or emailed to Need accessible public transit in a participating county beyond ADA complementary paratransit services. All trains and stations are handicapped accessible. Costs: $3.50 One way ticket $28.00 10-Ticket Book. The paratransit service runs on all days that the city bus service operates. CT_ADAApplication_Rev4 7/2016 !!!! Thank you, Greater Hartford Transit District One Union Place Hartford, CT 06103 Phone (860) 247-5329 Fax (860) 549-3879 Box 4670 Watertown, CT 06795. Paratransit Program To learn more about CCT Connect or to request an application, contact us at: SEPTA Customized Community Transportation 1234 Market Street, 4th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19107-3780 (Phone) 215-580-7145 (Fax) 215-580-7132 (TDD/TTY) 215-580-7712 (Website) CCT CONNECT It encompasses four main themes: Full corporate support. Should you have questions, please contact Greater Hartford Transit District at 860-589-6950. Submitting an Application Please select an application, print, complete, and mail to: LANTA 1060 Lehigh St. Allentown, PA 18103 LANTA Forms and Applications LANtaBus Photocopied, faxed, or emailed application are not be accepted for LANtaBus services. The RTA ADA Paratransit Certification Program determines an individual's functional abilities and limitations for using fixed route services. Download DART Pass FAQs. Paratransit - New; DART Pass App Flyer. Request the application packet. 3. If you reside within SEPTA's service area, you must contact CCT Customer Service at 215-580-7145 for an application. Application for Paratransit Service Please complete this application as thoroughly as possible and to the best of your ability. East Bay Paratransit was established by AC Transit and BART to meet requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). To apply to the service, please use the statewide application available at ... Go CT accounts can be managed online, and funds can be added using a debit or credit card. Greater Hartford Transit District To be Complete all questions on the Paratransit Application that follows this page. Please call one of the following service operators for information about their paratransit services, or to apply for ADA Paratransit eligibility fill out the online application form at the Connecticut ADA Paratransit Resource Center. DART Paratransit Services' requires all new applicants, and riders wishing to renew their certifications, to submit a paratransit certification form, then participate in an in-person assessment. Apply by email to or by postal mail to: Central Connecticut Paratransit c/o Greater Hartford Transit District One Union Place Hartford, CT 06103. Popular Features: Trip Planner. Read the Eligibility Brochure that is enclosed. The purpose of this application is to determine eligibility for Connecticut Once an application is complete, it can take up to 21 days for a determination of eligibility. To request a copy of this application in an accessible format, please call (203) 365- 8522 Extension 273. DART (Dial-A-Ride Transportation) provides paratransit service for people who cannot access or use Community Transit’s fixed-route bus service due to a disability or condition. This bulletin has been approved through the Department of Transportation’s Disability Law Coordinating Council as representing the official views of the Department on this matter. New Application Recertification: ID Number _____ MTA New York City Transit’s paratransit service, Access-A-Ride, provides door-to-door transportation within New York City on an advance reservation basis to persons who, because of a physical or mental disability, are … Home > NET Paratransit Service for the Disabled:. ADA Paratransit Service A The ADA paratransit service may be available to persons with a physical or cognitive disability who is, because of their disability, unable to board, ride, disembark or navigate to, from or within the fixed-route bus system without assistance. ADA Paratransit: General Information and Policies ADA Eligibility Application for the Greater Waterbury Area (Waterbury, Watertown, Naugatuck, Prospect, Wolcott, Middlebury, and Cheshire. DART Pass. The application process for ADA Paratransit includes a written application, information from a health care provider and an interview. When boarding or leaving a train in a wheelchair, back on and off, so that the larger rear wheels lead. Fax (510) 287-5069 Address & Directions. This special service is provided by various organizations located within CTtransit's service areas. To apply for ADA Paratransit, call the RTA's ADA Paratransit Certification program at 312-663-HELP (4357) between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, to request an application. Interested parties may also contact North East Transportation directly to complete an application, at 203-756-5550 or via email at . Please visit our Contact Us page for more information. Read Who Can Apply for ParaTransit to be sure the individual applying can do so. Application for Paratransit Eligibility C. Send your completed application along with a recent photograph and proof of your age1 (photocopy of your birth certificate, passport, health insurance card or driver’s licence) to the following address: 237 or read the following: To apply for paratransit services please fill out an application at ADA Paratransit Service: A type of public transit service required to be provided according to ADA federal regulations. If he or she does qualify, then as a prospective applicant proceed to the application process: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): Civil Rights act passed by the U.S. Congress in 1990, which mandates equal opportunities for people with disabilities in the areas of employment, transportation, communications and public accommodations. 2. 5. Paratransit Service. 4. Contact Information. If you are a visitor using CCT paratransit traveline to/from another fized route agency (DART, NJ Access link, PART) please remember to: 1. DART Bus Stops. The Paratransit Riders Choice program is a pilot program for existing paratransit customers. UTA Paratransit Service ADA Program. Paratransit. If there are questions that you cannot answer, or if you need assistance to complete this form, please call ADA Registration Office at (216) 566-5124. Follow this link to the CT Department of Transportation certification page to complete an application, and to learn more about the application process. ADA Paratransit Glossary of Terms. ADA / Dial A Ride . Instructions for Submission!! The "Paratransit Services Way" has developed naturally through our many years in the business of providing transportation safely, courteously, and on time. The program provides a new transportation choice for customers and enhances the Paratransit service. INTRODUCTION UTA's Paratransit Service ADA program is a service of the Utah Transit Authority, for people with physical, cognitive or visual disabilities who are functionally unable to independently use the UTA fixed route bus service either all of the time, temporarily or only under certain circumstances. Paratransit ETA. For more information, please contact our main office at 732-6248 ext. 3. PVTA is dedicated to providing accessible public transportation to passengers in the Pioneer Valley. Some customers may prefer the convenience of same day taxi trip service to the pre-scheduled TOPS paratransit service. ParaTransit service is designed to serve only those individuals whose disability prevents them from using public transportation. Paratransit is designed to ensure equitable mobility services for people with disabilities who cannot use other transit modes within a given service area. So every time you ride CTtransit and CTfastrak buses you’ll be paying the lowest possible fare with no guesswork. Phone Numbers: Main Phone Number (510) 287-5000 Toll Free 1-800-555-8085 . In accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, MAT provides paratransit (curb-to-curb) bus service to eligible individuals with disabilities that is similar to the level of service provided to individuals without disabilities who use the fixed route bus system. SEPTA provides complementary ADA paratransit service to pre-registered visitors. You can also call us at 203-288-6643 or email us at The ADA Paratransit service is provided in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities (ACT) to provide disabled persons equal access to public transportation. Make sure the copy of your identification is legible and do not send originals to our office.

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