Unlike Katarina's Bolt, Reese's Tome is portrayed as … Katerina and Ekaterina are variants of the name Catherine. Gender 1 Battles Katarina: Wayward One appears in 2 Availability 2.1 Summoning event 3 Bonus Hero history 3.1 Arena 3.2 Aether Raids 3.3 Tempest Trials 4 Event appearances 5 In other languages 6 Gallery General summon rarities: 5 This unit was removed from the pool for New Heroes summoning events and Special Heroes summoning events starting from 2019-04-10T07:00:00Z. List of characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, List of classes in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. She is voiced by Erica Lindbeck in the remake. That night, Katarina and Kris spoke together, as neither could sleep due to having a lot on their mind. Do you, perhaps, feel the same as I...? First Seen Her new weapon allows Katarina to become a powerful Ploy unit, especially since she can naturally apply all four types of ploy if she runs Reese's Tome with its effect, her innate Attack Ploy, and equips a Defense Ploy seal. Downloadable Episode 2: Automatically from the start. Female Human It was short... but it was a very happy dream. Reese's betrayal had left a deep wound to her comrades, specifically Kris and Cecil, who vowed to bring her back one day, believing that the Katarina they knew was still there. Reese's Tome is a stronger Rauðrowl+ tome but when refined, she gains a combination of Speed Ploy 2 and Resistance Ploy 2, inflicting -4 Spd/Res on enemies within the four cardinal directions of her current position at the start of her turn and has lower Res than her. The name subsequently came to be associated with the Greek adjective καθαρός (katharos), meaning "pure". Passing their final test, Katarina noted how happy everyone was and how she was happy as well. Race Name (JP) Nationality Additionally, it is recommended that she classes into a Dark Flier to learn Galeforce. When Reese asks Marth how to atone for her actions, he declines an answer. She spoke of how she served as Kris's tactician, but hardly acted as one, not giving the advice a tactician should give, and even without her, Kris and their comrades were strong. Any sort of Blue unit with Res bulk can easily wall her like Fallen Hardin, Nowi, Female Corrin, Micaiah, and Female Morgan. Reese insists that they were all lies and that she did not care for any of them. In Fire Emblem Heroes, it functions as a stronger version of the Rauðrowl+ tome. Katarina would continue to tirelessly serve as a Knight of Altea for Marth to continue to atone for her past sins. Marth, Caeda, Hardin, Katarina, Clarisse and Legion celebrating 2019 by Daisuke Izuka. I'd like be a Royal Guard, if you're in with me.. Though a professional raised from childhood to kill, she seems to undermine her own plans and courses of actions, presumably out of her lack of confidence in herself and little to no self esteem, often displaying nervousness, all while coming to care for her targets. She also appears as a SpotPass Einherjar, and as a DLC einherjar in Fire Emblem Awakening. After completing the training, Katarina spoke to Kris and expressed how she desired to be a part of Marth's Royal Guard, and believed that together with Kris, they would be an unstoppable force, and how imagining a future like that made her happy, and asked if Kris felt that way, to which Katarina can express joy that Kris shares her desire, or disappointment when Kris admits they had not thought much on it at the moment. - Thus taking the standard build for a Bladetome unit brings out her potential. She was then ordered to kill the Altean army and her former friends, the only remaining people that Reese cared about, much to Katarina's despair. Katarina: Wayward One/Quotes - Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki. Relatives Starting Class Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I came because I wish to serve Prince Marth. Xander also happens to be the only child of Garon who was not born to a concubine. When cast, smattering forks of lightning will surround a selected enemy target before converging together to … Let's Play Fire Emblem 12 Part #39 - We Get Katarina [Chapter 16x] - Duration: 14:16. She is the first non-seasonal unit to have Swift Sparrow, a highly valuable inheritable skill, granting her +4 to her Atk and Spd when initiating combat. Human Katarina spoke a bit about her past and noted that Kris and her were alike in that they were doing what they did for the sake of another, and noted that it would not be long now, before deciding that they should sleep. May contain spoilers Garon (Husband)Xander (Son)Siegbert (Grandson) Lucina 2 comparisons. When I imagine a future like that, I feel very happy. Kana Yuuki She also points out that Luke needed to work on his attitude more than anything, before noting that Jagen wanted them all to gather for their next training. Prince Marth found their progress to be very well and wants to appoint them as Royal Guards, though does not want their answer immediately and advises them to think about it. Along with Kleine, it's a reference to "Eine kleine Nachtmusik", a 1787 composition for a chamber ensemble by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. She was previously the queen of Nohr. Due to Katerina's popularity in Nohr, Arete and Azura were not generally accepted as members of the royal family, and Xander, Camilla, and Leo were instructed not to associate with their stepsister. As she went to Eremiya to request to aid Clarisse's injuries, Reese is instead ordered to abandon Clarisse for failing her mission. It is a gender neutral given name which means ardent or fiery. Fire Emblem Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. This made Reese warn her to not underestimate them, or she will get herself killed. So strong was this bond, that she ends up crying privately at one point prior to her betrayal upon realizing that soon she would have to fight them as enemies, and acting nostalgic during their knighthood ceremony by expressing how she would always cherish her memories with her comrades.

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