It's extremely intuitive, and will probably take 10 minutes for you to learn. That'd be the "Enable Quick Include" button. In fact, it seems to create extra surfaces, beyond what you'd have without SpeedPak. With view>display>tangent off, go to system options and turn them off there too, then everything looks normal again, but I lose my tangent edges in my model unless I do view>display>tangent on. SOLIDWORKS Search: The SW Search is useful, but if you don’t use it, turn it off. Shrinkwrap gives you the entire outside surface of an assembly in a single step. I initially thought it was a graphics card thing, so I checked for updates and installed a new driver this morning, but that hasn't fixed the problem. To create a SpeedPak, locate the Configuration Manager tab, then, under Configurations, right-click an existing configuration and select “Add SpeedPak.” From here, select the faces and bodies that you want to be selectable in the SpeedPak configuration, either for yourself or for another team member, and confirm your selections. Only include bodies or faces in a SpeedPak that you want to select or dimension. A SOLIDWORKS SpeedPak reduces the amount of solid model geometry that is being accessed by the CPU. When I was working on a ship with thousands of beams and other parts, the model went from extremely sluggish to extremely usable when I switched the display style from Shaded With Edges to Shaded. Boost processor clock speed. SOLIDWORKS somehow has difficulty showing edges. Trouble is, that defeats any advantage of SpeedPak. 5b: Turn off edges. I have shadows unchecked under scenes but they still persist. load into memory) Some tips: You may need to start at a lower level sub-assembly and build SpeedPaks into those before opening the main assembly. In the “old days,” this was frequently used on systems with graphics drivers that had no OpenGL support at all. By reducing the amount of solid model geometry being accessed inside of the assembly file, we are reducing the number of calculations that are necessary for SOLIDWORKS to resolve the assembly. Turn off SOLIDWORKS add-Ins not being used. Also, when you update the assembly that the speedpak is based off of, it will tell you that it needs to be updated/refreshed. Though obviously you will not want to turn off the TransMagic add-in, as this is a huge time-saver and work-multiplier in its own right, allowing users to open and save to more formats, with embedded, instant model repair tools (10.8% savings). A couple of SolidWorks questions. Software OpenGL will automatically turn on when no OpenGL support is detected. The rest disappear to show that they are not selectable. We use SpeedPak only on our top assembies, with no surfaces included for selection and mating. If you right mouse click the subassembly in your feature tree you should get some options to turn off "SpeedPak". SOLIDWORKS creates drawing views in high quality by default. Speedpak requires selection of every single surface that you want to be selectable. Software OpenGL is a SOLIDWORKS setting that will tell SOLIDWORKS to emulate OpenGL on its own without using graphics card driver’s OpenGL support. You can always get the faces used in mates selected automatic. My system slows down a lot if I drag the sliders all the way to the left. Out of the box SW replaces the feature manager with the mate properties and … It's just not very useful. More info here. If you do use it, make sure to set the indexing to “only when the computer is idle.” News Feed: Turn off the option in the general area of the options to “Show latest news feeds…” It may be … Speedpak will 100% help you when you are bringing your large sub-assemblies together to verify fits, installation drawings, etc. Select Add SpeedPak; Righ-click a configuration to add a Speedpak Select the faces or bodies you want to INCLUDE (i.e. I can’t seem to turn off the shadows, which just waste cpu cycles on student computers. When Speedpak first came out I assumed it would work like Pro-e shrinkwrap. The aim is to remove all but the information required (faces, associated mates, etc) to maintain the references at the top level. The SpeedPak configuration at subassembly level can be created in the ConfigurationManager via the right mouse button (RMB) as seen in Image 6. Your sub assembly is in a SpeedPak configuration so only certain items on that model are selectable.

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